Monterey County Rangers - 2017 Locals Contact

This is an important issue regarding the Lake area Rangers at both Lake Nacimiento and San Antonio.

The rangers serve the lake area both on and off the water. Most of us know, if you call the local sherif it will take 45 min or more for an officer to arrive. To the contrary, the Rangers show up in minutes.

There has been confusion on an action taken by Monterey regarding the rangers. It has been reported by rangers and others that the ranger positions at the two lakes were being eliminated. The report was that some positions were being terminated permanently and the ones left were going to be servicing the North part of Monterey county. This caused a firestorm of residence contacting District 3 supervisor Simon Salinas’s office at Monterey who resides over this issue as its in his district. Contact Monterey Here

The first reports back from Monterey and the lake info line was that it was true and no rangers would be on either lake this year. Because of complaints from residences Simon Salinas had a second meeting with the Rangers. It is reported that Monterey softened their position and would possibly consider some limited ranger coverage at the lake, some jobs eliminated and those remaining would spend most of their time in the North part of Monterey county. This prompted more complaints to Simon Salinas office. One caller reported Simons assistant told one caller Monterey wasn’t responsible to the Nacimiento people as they don’t vote in Monterey. Contact Monterey Here

Jeff Greene informed us that Simon Salinas returned his call. Mr. Salinas agreed that it was predictable the attendance at the lake this year would be very high because of the lake level. Mr. Greene informed Mr. Salinas he felt it would be gross negligence not to have a full staff of rangers at the lake. Mr Salinas agreed. He said he would be recommending to the board of supervisors to keep the rangers at the lake. He did say that when there were large public events like a concert or the like in other parts of the county the rangers might be needed for that event but then sent back to the lake immediately. Thereafter. Mr Salinas said that even though he will give the recommendation to keep the rangers at the lake full time he warned that the full board of supervisors make the final decision by vote which is coming up in just a few weeks. He recommended citizens contact all the board with their support to keep the rangers. With that said Monterey is having a homeowner meeting regarding the tunnel project. They have invited only the homeowners over the tunnel. Monterey will be discussing the tunnel project. Contact Monterey Here

Because we have limited ways to communicate with Monterey, homeowners might want to attend the homeowners meeting to voice their displeasure with the Ranger situation. The meeting is at Lake Nacimiento Dragon Grill at 1:30 pm. Simply showing up in force will help get the message to Monterey that the people of the lake demand proper security.  Also since Monterey collects significant income from the lake, which is in San Luis Obispo County, it would seem a conflict of interest for them to take those funds collected and send them to Monterey for other Monterey projects vs paying the rangers for the security at the lake with lake money. Contact Monterey Here

As a side note: This last week there was a car accident between the two lakes. The rangers were there within minutes aiding the driver and controlling traffic. Without rangers it would have been a very different situation. Over the years Monterey has drastically reduced the County Ranger staff to only 6. We can't loose more Rangers. Contact Monterey Here