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VS Marine Web Traffic

VS Marine updates us with traffic sent to their website from Lake Nacimiento Live. 50% of all web traffic came from Lake Nacimiento Live

National Weather Service checking our Webcams

Lake Nacimiento Live gets a phone call from the ventura county office of the National Weather Service. They say that they double check the weather data that they get by looking at our cameras. They inquired about the type of cameras we use and they are the same ones that you will find on the North Pole, Yellowstone National Park, etc. These cameras are bulletproof and are used in extreme environments around the world.

Sponsors Added to Webcam 2

Lake Nacimiento Live adds new sponsors to Webcam #2, Oak Hill Market, Pacific Coast Smiles, JM Construction

Sponsors Added to Webcam 1

Lake Nacimiento Live adds VS Marine, Dragon Lake Rentals, Dragon Lake Properties, and JM Construction to webcam #1