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Pillaging Lake Nacimiento - New Times SLO Article

Pillaging Lake Nacimiento 
We need a new agency and officials to manage this precious resource
Pillaging: To strip ruthlessly of all valuables by open violence, as in war; to plunder, despoil, abuse, and mistreat.
This describes what the Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) is about to unleash upon Lake Nacimiento, a very large residential environment and unsuspecting wildlife population's habitat (which straddle the border with San Luis Obispo County). Both depend on the lake and its watershed's natural water resources.
The MCWRA's controversial and ongoing mismanagement of Lake Nacimiento water releases is one bone of contention in the ongoing saga of the Save The Dragon movement. The movement is trying to save the rain and water runoff that come into the reservoir from the very organization that was put in place in 1957 to protect it. While Southern and Central Californians are trying to preserve water in reservoirs around the state, our "protection agency" is draining our precious resource as fast as it can, with absolutely no reflection on the welfare of the residents or the wildlife that inhabits the lake and surrounding forests. The MCWRA does not negotiate in good faith, with good conduct or with good intentions. Read More...